Year 5 visited Windsor Castle on Tuesday to expand and develop their studies on Medieval warfare and castles. After a walk around the castle grounds to identify the features of the castle we then took a tour around the state apartments ending with a look around St George’s Chapel. This was particularly special for Barney whose grandfather is a Knight of the Garter. We managed to get permission from the verger for Barney to sit in his grandfather’s seat in the chapel which was pretty special indeed.

After this, the group had a fantastic education session led by Sophie on ‘Medieval Knights wanted here’ where she explained the feudal system, and the process of becoming a page, squire and then knight and what exactly they would wear. She finished by explaining the ceremony of knighting in medieval times. Particularly fascinating was the fact that the custom made armour you would have made would cost the equivalent of a million pounds today, and the sword costing between £40 – 60,000 on top of the three horses (minimum) you would take to battle (another £750,000). Knights would not often be killed on the battlefield as their cost and value was so high the enemy would capture them and ransom them back. The ransom of Richard the Lionheart costing nearly £2 billion in today’s money!

We finished the obligatory tour of the castle with a visit to the gift shop where the children bought the necessary garb (foam swords and shields) to kit themselves out for modern day warfare. Luckily, to their parent’s delight, at a considerably less cost.

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