House Performance Poetry Competition – Saturday 8th June 2019


Last Saturday, the Prep School had a fantastic morning spent performing some of their favourite poems. There were the classics, including Roald Dahl and Lewis Carroll alongside a few more contemporary names, such as Devon Glover aka The Sonnet Man and Sarah Key. We even had an entry penned by our very own Maggie Stair.

Every year, the standard just gets better and better and this year was no exception. Once again, the performers were confident, enthusiastic and well prepared. Members of staff had been up at the crack of dawn and were spotted raiding the Art room for supplies, painting props and hunting down face paints.

We were lucky enough to host Mrs Lucy Cox, Drama Teacher at Amesbury School and GCSE Drama examiner, as our adjudicator. Her positive comments and understanding of performance poetry were very welcomed by the pupils and staff (many of whom were taking notes for next year!). The performers entertained Mrs Cox with their confidence use of voice, stage presence, comic timing and team work.

The creativity of the house staff made every performance unique. The ‘Jabberwocky’ was performed by a host of Goodhart ‘auditionees’ with hilarious results, the Dewar performers of ‘The Dentist and the Crocodile’ became a full set of teeth, Alexander’s ‘crocodile’ switched faces with Mr Perry whilst Athlone’s interpretation of ‘The River’ was brought to life through movement and dance. Sonnets were rapped, stories were told and future stars of the stage were discovered! It was a memorable and fun morning which highlighted the magic of poetry.

All of the houses performed strongly and due to a draw in an early round, it was impossible to predict a winner until the very end. This year, it was the triumphant Athlone who held the trophy aloft! Congratulations to all of the pupils for giving us such wonderful performances and to the staff for their support and guidance.

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