Our Year 1 are having a fantastic time this Half Term, with the topic being ‘Hurray We’re Going on Holiday’. The children brought in their suitcases last week to kick off their new topic and can’t wait for their trip to West Wittering at the end of term.


We read lots of beach/seaside poems to inspire ourselves then the children got into pairs and had a go at writing their own poems.


The Little Mermaid and the Lovely Starfish

I’m a little mermaid, I swim in the sea,

And I dance around with glee.

I’m a little starfish, I live in the sea,

I splish and splosh

But the sea giggles at me.

By Oscar and Olivia B


On the Beach

On the beach,

 The seagull screech,

And the tide goes out,

 And wiggles about.

And Grandma splashes,

In the sea with glee.

By Martha and Arabella




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