IAPS Trampoline Finals 2019

What a day! We have had some successful days in the past, but nothing to match this one. Sam King, our amazing coach, took 34 children to the IAPS championships last weekend. For some children it was their first tournament, but it looked like they had been doing it for years.

We had a complete Pre Prep team in the U9 competition, but no one seemed to be phased by the occasion and considering the pressure of the day, I thought they were all amazing.  The team spirit was fantastic and the children were extremely encouraging of one another. Each competitor had to complete a set routine followed by a voluntary routine and each one had to have ten moves.

Most beginners start with identical routines but as they progress, they start adding somersaults, twist turns and one which I had never even heard of until the competition – a ‘ball-out’! Our top U11 competitor included 8 somersaults into her routine and her degree of difficulty [tariff] was 5 which is the highest level in the whole competition.

There were three categories in the competition for U9, U11, U13 entries, as well as a team event. The results are exceptional and each competitor should be incredibly proud of their fantastic achievements.


Individual Event

U9 Girls

National Champion – Radha A

2nd Imogen B


U11 Girls

National Champion – Olivia K

2nd Jessica L

5th Lizzie-Rose E


U11 Boys

4th Henry GC


U13 Girls

2nd Saffron E

3rd Hannah K


Team Event

U9A Girl’s National Champions

U9B Girl’s 1st Place

U11A Girl’s National Champions

U13A Girl’s National Champions

U13B Girl’s 3rd Place  

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