The United Kingdom has many highlights in its Performing Arts calendar: there’s Glyndebourne, Cheltenham and the Edinburgh Festival to name but a few; but perhaps no event is more certain to guarantee delighting its audience than Lambrook’s Year 4 play. Over recent years the incredibly dedicated and gifted staff from the Lower School has managed to give us a series of hilarious productions and this term it was the turn of “Rock Bottom” to charm and entertain us.

Set in the Stone Age, it followed the trials and tribulations of a wannabe child inventor, Bobby Cobblestone – better known as BC – and the quest of the vain Lady Lava to retain youthful looks for eternity. The story sped along from huge set piece to huge set piece interspersed with wonderfully performed vignettes involving just a few members of the talented cast. As a series of enjoyably corny and also lots of clever jokes kept us laughing, what was abundantly clear was that the actors were loving every moment. They all knew precisely what they were meant to be doing and entered into the joyous spirit of the show with skill and gusto. Songs were belted out, choreography was superbly executed and comic timing was peerless.

The play was colourful both metaphorically and literally – the costumes were magnificent from the Spanish Juans to the Miners. Whenever either of those two groups appeared on stage you could sense the anticipation of the audience but there were, in fact, no weak links at all during the entire evening. It is perhaps invidious to pick out individuals but mention simply has to be made of the two children who shared the lead role of BC : Josh C’s acting and amazingly expressive eyes and Charlotte K’s beautiful – and moving – singing were both quite outstanding.

Whether we were listening to the sweet baby dinosaur or observing its mother rampaging around the set; whether we were watching the Eggheads being exploited or giggling at the News Reporters; whether we were enjoying the fine performances of BC’s parents or wallowing in the hilarity of Lady Lava and Gravel’s relationship, we were never other than blissfully happy as the plot unfolded.

My only moments of unease came because I was seated behind the Headmaster. For 90 minutes he almost ceaselessly chortled and choked with laughter; meanwhile I was desperately trying to remember what I had learned on my First Aid course. If he collapsed would I be able to resuscitate him? Rock Bottom provided the school with a brilliant show and I have already cleared my diary for next year.

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