Year 3 Aztec Workshop


On Monday Year 3 had a marvellous taste of life in Aztec times through a presentation by Mexicolore.  Through film, drama, music and a wealth of Aztec items, the children learnt a great deal about this interesting race of people.  They believed that everything had to be held in balance and their way of life ensured that this was maintained.  They had some civilised ideas as well as some rather unpleasant customs.  Here are some of our favourites:

Aztecs didn’t write in words they did it in pictures 
They had two seasons; the war season and the rainy season 
The Aztec gods sacrificed themselves to start a new world 
Every 20 days a human was sacrificed 
Only people over 52 were allowed to drink the special chocolate drink 
If children were naughty they were held over a fire with chillies in it 

The Aztecs looked after their world and everything in it.  They took nothing for granted and did not waste anything.  We could certainly learn from them even today.