At Lambrook, we are fortunate to have many wonderful experienced staff and resources available to help develop these skills which are already present in our children. We are not here to produce robots, telling them what to think, but rather to enable our children and to bring out the best in them. We have worked hard to develop a bespoke Future Schools programme which directly supports our specific needs and requirements, in terms of support for both our pupils and parents.

Our Year 7 have had a fantastic couple of days with Oppidan Education focusing on the important skill of Leadership. They have taken part in a range of activities, each of them carefully designed to help them to understand both their own skills-set better, but also how to develop these effectively as part of a team. These activities have ranged from simple trust exercises to group wide games and question and answer sessions. The session involving the popping of balloons seems to have been a particular highlight – questions from each pupil were placed inside a balloon, which then had to be answered by another pupil after the balloon had burst.

There has been a strong focus on the extremely important skill of communication; learning how to listen to others carefully and giving clear instructions. The challenges undertaken have stretched our pupils beyond their natural comfort zones and these experiences are not only helpful in the preparation for Year 8, but also for their lives beyond. We are keen to prepare and equip our children for the ever-increasing challenges of the world in which they live, and to give them the skills required and the confidence needed.

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