On the 10th June, Year 8 started their leavers programme with a very interesting and informative trip to the Amazon Fulfilment Centre in Dunstable.

‘The robots were cool!’ Conor

‘It answered all my questions about how a frisbee arrives at my door!’. Max

‘The organisation was mesmerising’ Billy

‘It was fascinating to see behind the scenes at such a big company’. Alec

‘It was amazing to see the huge number of processes that one package goes through, from when you click ‘Buy’ to when it arrives.’ Elijah

‘I couldn’t believe the 14 miles of conveyor belts!’ Bolun

Max H

The half-day trip was very much worth the long bus journey and we learnt about the various jobs and processes which are crammed in to the time between when you click ‘BUY’ and when the neat parcel arrives on your front doorstep. Along with the tour of the machines and robots, we also took part in a model fulfilment centre and experienced the different jobs ourselves (though not with real products, of course!).

The Centre in Dunstable was the first Amazon Fulfilment Centre to open in the UK and has provided many jobs for local residents since its opening in 2015.

Overall it was a great day and a good start to the leavers programme.

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