Over the last few days we have started planting over 300 tree saplings in our grounds to mark our 160th Anniversary and to create new woodland for generations of Lambrookians to come. 

Pre Prep planting on Tuesday

The tree saplings are being planted by Year Groups on different days. Pupils are learning not only about the variety of trees in our grounds and developing their planting skills, but also further realising their eco responsibilities in preserving green spaces for generations to come.

Year 4 left the classroom in sunshine this morning but, in the middle of their their tree planting, got caught in the middle of a quick downpour.  The trees, however, were well watered in and the children washed their muddy hands, dried off and were proud of persevering through the weather and completing their important work.

Lambrook is contributing to the Woodland Trust’s pledge to plant 50 million more trees in the ground over the next five years. The 300 saplings given to us by the Woodland Trust to plant has been a great continuation of the work the school does on a regular basis to maintain and develop its grounds.

Situated in Elisabeth’s Orchard, the Lambrook apple trees produce a fantastic crop of apples and delicious apple juice. The Orchard has been a part of Lambrook’s estate for many years and most recently, was home to two donkeys who lived at the school for over 40 years. Since the departure of the donkeys, Lambrook has been able to develop this Orchard and not only plant further apple trees, but use the area to foster our bee keeping, environment initiatives and our new ‘Farming Activity’. The aim of this weekly Farming Activity slot is to give pupils a taste for outdoor sustainable living, equip them with the practical skills that may need, as well as giving them an understanding of the farming industry.

Surrounding the Orchard is Lambrook’s 250 tree young woodland which was planted in early 2019 by our Lambrook pupils, also in association with the Woodland Trust.


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