Pre Prep pupils had a surprise last Friday. Arriving at the front door, they were greeted by a Viking! Making their way into their classrooms, the excitement grew as the children couldn’t wait to discover which period in history each one had been transformed into.

Mrs Farrar started the day with a topical quiz in assembly. How fascinating to discover the Egyptians were the inventors of toothpaste! Afterwards it was off to the Pre Prep to travel through various times and learn numerous new facts and absorb lots of interesting information. In one room it was all aboard the Titanic, in another the children were greeted by a Tudor queen who needed to be greeted with a bow! The Victorian classroom was something of a revelation. Being greeted by two stern looking teachers was slightly alarming, however  the children soon realised Mrs Gaye and Mrs Brennan were “acting” and that life at Lambrook today is certainly much more fun!

It really was a most inspirational day with many of the children declaring it, “The best day ever!”

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