The Flight Centre Schools Triathlon for Restless Development continues to be a very popular event with the Lambrook Prep pupils and this year was no exception. The event is now in its fifth successful year and it continues to get bigger and better each time. Thirty-one eager Lambrook teams took part in total, which is inspiring in itself! Fifteen teams went to Charterhouse and sixteen went to Bradfield College. It was a wet and chilly week in the run up to the event but come Sunday 12th May, the sun finally decided to come out!

The children were in teams of four and they completed the course as a relay. Each team member completed a certain distance of each sporting discipline.

Years 3-4 swam 50m, cycled 1km and ran 750m.

Years 5-6 swam 100m, cycled 1km and ran 750m and

Years 7-8 swam 100m, cycled 2km and ran 1.5km.


Well done in particular to the following teams who achieved some exceptional times:

Killer Combo (Ted D, Guy P-D, Harry T and Vincent L-W) came 4th out of 92 teams in the Years 3-4 category at Bradfield College.

Rebel Rockets (Amelie KM, Jemima E, Bella H and Emily S) came 12th out of 80 teams in the Years 5-6 category at Bradfield College.

Rage Monsters (Finn M, Misha Z, Benji L-U and Stirling S) came 16th out of 110 teams in the Years 3-4 category at Charterhouse.

Toxic Gladiators (Cameron M, Frederik S-N, Henry G-C and Bertie D) came 5th out of 73 teams in the Years 5-6 category at Charterhouse.


A special mention should also go to the Year 3 pupils who took part in the event for the very first time, which was an amazing achievement. Well done in particular to the Fab Four (Maisie L, Milly E, India H and Georgia P) and to the Fizzy Thunderbolts (Charlie R, Finn S, Marcus C and Harry B) for some fabulous times.


The event is all about having fun with friends and raising money for Restless Development. This is an international development charity that puts young people at the very heart of dealing with the issues that affects them, their communities and their countries. Each child has been asked to raise a minimum of £50 for this deserving cause and any additional money raised will go to our school charity, Thames Valley Adventure Playground. Sponsorship money is still being collected and counted and I look forward to sharing the total amount raised with the children in due course.

All of the Lambrook triathletes should feel immensely proud of themselves for embracing this challenge with enthusiasm, for giving up their time to help others and for representing Lambrook brilliantly. Well done to you all.

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