Our Gappies are an integral part of everyday life here at Lambrook. From helping to direct cars in the mornings to being on boarding duty in the evening and every sports activity going in between, we look at what a typical day in the life of the ‘Gaps’ looks like.

Gappie jobs are for school or university leavers looking to increase their life and work experiences in a Prep School during a gap year before going on to University, College or into work. Usually a Gap Year experience takes place at an overseas school which can add exciting travel opportunities, and at Lambrook we have been lucky enough to welcome Gappies from Australia and South Africa over the past few years. More recently, due to the Covid restrictions on travel, our Gappies have come from a bit closer to home and in some instances, they have been returning Old Lambrookians who can tell tales of life at Lambrook in the 2010’s! We are delighted to currently have four Gappies – Ben (Old Lambrookian), Cai,  Liberty and Poppy (Old Lambrookian).

7.30am Our Gappies enjoy breakfast with the boarders and boarding staff.

8.00am Outside on car directing duty whatever the weather.

8.20am Welcoming our Lambrook boarders and taking their bags to the boarding houses.

9.00am One Gappie is always on Office Duty in the morning to deliver parcels or chase up anyone who’s forgotten to Register after an early morning Club or Activity. The rest of the Gappie Team head out to the Sports Pitches to assist with Games lessons and give small group coaching.

11.20am Our Gappies are very popular at breaktime often due to the fact that they are in charge of snacks!

1.00pm Time for the Gappies Meeting over a delicious lunch, to chat about how the morning went and to arrange logistics for the afternoon.

1.30pm Back outside for Lunch Duty playing with Lambrook pupils in a different part of the Lambrook grounds.

2.00pm Helping to sort out sports equipment and then back out to the sports fields to help with a small group of coaching – this time leading the warm up for football.

3.00pm The Gappies are very approachable and go by their first names in school and children can often be seen asking a Gappie for help with a problem or to find a missing item of kit, organise their belongings or just having a friendly chat about how their day is going.

3.30pm Helping to stuff envelopes to get the Chronicle and Calendar home in time!

6.00pm Diving in to help out at pizza night for Boarders’ supper.

6.30pm Gappies can help support the boarding team in the evening whether that’s helping to make conker champions or baking on a Wednesday.

















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