The final entry in our ‘A day in Lambrook life’ series is, ‘A day in the life of Saturday School’. We joined our Middle and Upper School pupils for one of their favourite days of the week. 

Friday night is an extremely popular night for our Boarders and the promise of a catch up with friends and staff over a delicious cooked breakfast the next morning, is most definitely a highlight for all.

Dressed in their Best Uniform, all pupils arrive at school at the normal time and make their way to their form rooms.

Our Year 6 pupils take some time in their tutorial session to play some games with one another.

Our Saturday Chapel services are special times and under normal circumstances, parents would join pupils from the Chapel Gallery and our Senior Chapel Choir would lead the singing for this service. This week our pupils were still fully involved, with one pupil giving the Bible reading and another playing the piano.

Meanwhile, our Year 5 pupils had a wellbeing Assembly in the DJC where Mr Green talked to pupils about friendship, using a clip from Shrek as an example of how forgiveness is a vital element of effective friendships.

It is then into lessons; with Future School preparation, Leadership Skills lessons and academic lessons.

This Saturday morning there was a languages theme for our Upper School, with Year 7 getting stuck into Latin and Year 8 getting ready for their French aural.

At 11.00 it is time for a cookie break and a play in the grounds. There was much excitement for our Year 5 pupils this week, with the arrival of a big bag of new sports equipment.

Our School Council meet each Saturday break time to talk through ideas over a hot chocolate and flapjack.

After break, pupils make their way back to their classrooms, for lessons in History, Maths, Science and Lambrook Leadership. Some of our Year 8 spent their maths lesson cracking codes using mathematical equations, while others in English, looked at expanding their repertoire of vocabulary in their writing.

One maths class took the opportunity to go outside and undertake some maths games and challenges.

Before lunch pupils get changed into their sports kit ready for afternoon fixtures or training. Our Laundry is always very busy turning around all of the sports kit, which our parents are very grateful for! Last week was particularly wet and so there was a lot of muddy kit to wash! 

At 12.50pm our pupils are fuelled by the Saturday pasta bar as they discuss tactics for an afternoon full of competitive sport. 

At the end of the afternoon parents wait with eager anticipation to hear the full match reports on their drive home! Our Lambrook minibuses safely deliver the London children back to the Capital and it is time for a well-deserved break for staff and pupils alike!

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