Year 6 enjoyed a fantastic day of STEM activities on Thursday. From being challenged to make their own fizzy drinks to creating a self propelled boat, to creating a functioning aqueduct, they had a great time working together and completing activities both inside and outside the classroom..

The whole day was devoted to an exciting programme of STEM challenges – the children rotated around a selection of different stations which allowed them to develop skills relating to Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. They particularly enjoyed designing and creating both a rubber band powered car and self propelled boat from scratch, which were then put to the test both on land and in water. And water continued to feature in the various activities, as the children made their own fizzy drinks and constructed and tested their own working aqueduct!

“I learnt that if something goes wrong, not to give up, but to work at coming up with a new and better solution.” Year 6 Pupil



“My favourite activity was the elastic band car, because I found it challenging but fun, I enjoyed seeing them race – I liked trying to work out how to make the car and figure out how we would do it.” Year 6 Pupil

“At Lambrook we are keen to provide many opportunities for our children to develop their knowledge and love of STEM subjects. It encourages curiosity and creates an eagerness to learn and understand the universe around them. By possessing a range of STEM skills, we can look to interact with and combat key issues in society such as global warming. STEM stimulates creativity, innovation, analysis, invention and productivity and can lead to exciting and rewarding career opportunities in the future. Having a whole day dedicated to STEM allows our children to have extended time to use the knowledge that they have gained in Science and Maths in a practical application.”

Vicky Briggs, Head of D&T

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