On Monday the 14th of June, Mr Haswell took a group of Year 7 and 8 students to the open air theatre at Bradfield College to watch the Greek play, ‘Alcestis’, performed by the Bradfield students.

The play was about the king of Thessaly, Admetus, who was offered the chance to live past the end of his life. However, the only way for him to do this was to get someone to die for him; the only volunteer he could find was his wife Alcestis. After her death, Admetus was distraught with the fact that he would never see his wife again due to his (frankly idiotic) idea. In a moment of deus ex machina, Heracles arrives with Alcestis after saving her from the underworld. It was a great play, performed excellently by the Bradfield students, especially considering the fact the play was spoken and sung entirely in the original Greek.


Report by Fia G, 7P

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