“Lambrook School delivers five star performance… a spine-chilling and moving production of Macbeth from a mature and eloquent ensemble.”

Year 5’s online Shakespeare performance

Last month, pupils in Year 5 put on a performance of Macbeth as part of a 2020 festival, One Night of Shakespeare, a project run by the Coram Shakespeare Schools’ Foundation. The evening enabled hundreds of schools from all over the country to join together for one special evening of Shakespeare, celebrating this most esteemed playwright and showcasing the talents of each and every child involved. The Year 5 pupils used their Monday afternoon activity slots to rehearse, and all those who watched the actual performance were blown away with what the children had managed to achieve in such a short space of time.

You can watch a trailer for the Lambrook performance by clicking on the image below:

Bethany Appleton from the Shakespeare Schools Foundation, reviewed Lambrook’s performance:

“I would like to extend my sincerest congratulations to Lambrook School for your exceptional production of Macbeth as part of the 2020 Shakespeare Schools Festival, One Night of Shakespeare. Against all odds you have shown the world that theatre can be created in the darkest of times, demonstrating the best of yourselves.

It was a wonderful performance, and I’d like to highlight a few aspects that really stood out. You had your audience hooked immediately with your moody atmospheric opening, complete with some spooky lighting on a dark stage and some fabulously creepy witches.

I was blown away by your mastery of the Shakespearean language. Every cast member excelled themselves with delivery that reached professional levels of projection and clarity. You were totally at home with language more than 400 years old and knew exactly how to convey your characters intentions and emotions to your audience. You’d clearly worked hard at this in rehearsals and it absolutely paid off! The production design in general was really impactful. You kept the stage stark and striking, together with simple black costumes and the judicious use of a few key props, which allowed the stunning acting to speak for itself. Your scene transitions were slick and stylish and you handled them brilliantly, working together well as a team.

A couple of ensemble moments really stood out to me. I loved how the army advanced from the front of the stage as Birnam Wood, as your production built to an exciting and dramatic battle scene.

This was brilliantly choreographed and executed around the final confrontation between Macbeth and Macduff. The sword fighting under the strobe lighting was such a theatrical denouement to a fantastic production.

This was a spine-chilling and moving production of Macbeth from a mature and eloquent ensemble I am in awe of your boundless creativity, talent and determination. This was the year for experimentation and you rose to the challenge of performing Shakespeare for the camera with bravery, resilience and ingenuity. This demonstrates a great deal of maturity as actors, and innovation as theatre-makers. I know you will look back on 2020 with a great deal of pride at what you have achieved especially in light of the challenges you have faced. You all deserve a round of applause and standing ovation!”

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