Once Upon A Time there was an Ogre called Shrek (Seb). His mission – to reclaim his swampy abode from the innocent, fairy-tale creatures who have been left homeless by the ghastly, self-obsessed leader of Duloc, Lord Farquaad (Ollie), a teeny-weeny man with huge personality trait issues. 


In his efforts to live in peace again, Shrek accepts a challenge from Farquaad to rescue the beautiful Princess Fiona (Amelie) from the evil grasp of a larger than life, fire-breathing dragon (Darcey). Along the way he gains a new companion in the form of a sassy ass (Harry) and inadvertently falls in love with the princess he is supposed to hand over to be Farquaad’s Queen.

The plot in itself is a proven, fail-safe winner but what made this production spectacular (or Shrek-tacular) is the tremendous way it was transported to the stage. This is a big show with a big heart; it is a glorious romp with a constant supply of catchy and beautiful tunes but it is also a show with a message which firmly puts to bed Oscar Wilde’s dictum that “it is better to be beautiful than to be good.” This show presents us with proof that there is hope for all of us, however ill-favoured by life we may feel.

Aimee McGoldrick`s production brings these themes together in a spirited, stylish and highly entertaining fashion. And, as if huge doses of humour, superb and uplifting choreography from Chloe Collins, an extraordinary set, beautiful costumes and some wonderful musical solo and ensemble pieces were not enough we were also treated to a huge, mechanical dragon, ingeniously brought to life by Beatrix and Emily.

Warm congratulations to the brilliantly organised, creative and enthusiastic Miss McGoldrick and her team of Miss Collins, Mr. Haswell, Adam, Zach and Harry (Technical Crew) and of course, the extremely talented, Mr. Whennell.

Martyn Ford, Head of Performing Arts 

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