This week, children in the Pre-Prep and Prep School have spent some time focusing on Anti-Bullying. Part of a week long National campaign, the focus this year has been ‘United Against Bullying.’

In the Prep school, children spent time discussing what bullying means, how we can recognise it, and how we can help people who are victims of bullying. The children across the Prep School created comic strips showing scenarios of different types of bullying, such as physical, verbal, indirect and cyberbullying, and ideas of how to resolve the situations described. They also created anti-bullying posters, have written poems, acted out scenarios and had some interesting discussions in their tutor groups, specifically looking at the role of bystanders in bullying.

Mr Gajendra’s tutor group have been preparing a very striking Assembly all about anti-bullying where the subject will be brought to life when shown to their peers on Monday.

Children in the Lower School looked at the story of the BFG by Roald Dahl, looking at the relationship between the BFG and other giants. In the Pre-Prep, Mrs Farrar read the book ‘Kindness is my Super Power’ by Alicia Ortegro. Next week the Pre Prep children will take part in the first ever, Pre Prep Happiness Festival called ‘What makes me happy’.

We are keen for Lambrook to be a happy place for each and every person in our community. As teachers, we are very much reinforcing the value of kindness and respecting others in all areas of school life. Bullying can have a long-lasting effect on those who experience it and by working together, we help our children to have positive relationships and friendships at school, stopping bullying in its tracks.

Rosanna Wilkinson, Head of Wellbeing 

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