This term Lambrook pupils were delighted to have the opportunity to take part in Haileybury School’s Visual Arts Challenge. 

Prep School pupils from across the United Kingdom were invited to celebrate 500 years of Shakespeare, showcasing their creative talent in the disciplines of Art, Drama English and Music. Young artists, creative writers, musicians, and thespians were given creative licence to celebrate the playwrights life and present their work in their own chosen style.

Year 6 were very familiar with Shakespeare having studied his work in their English lessons, and so were inspired to create their own short Shakespearean skits, which were then performed and filmed during their lessons. Mr Whitmell then chose some of the outstanding entries, to be put forward for the competition. The skits took the theme of Shakespeare insulting melodrama and used three well known characters and phrases from three different plays and performed them interacting with each other.

Mrs French worked closely with pupils from Lambrook’s Year 6 Art Club over several weeks to create pieces that reflected Shakespeare’s work using acrylic paint. Many different plays were represented, with the most popular being Macbeth.

All entries secured a certificate, with Milo selected as one of the winners across all schools. Certificates, and Milo’s prize, will be awarded in our next Year 6 Assembly.

Our Head of Art, Jennifer French, shares why using Art to be creative is so important for our children:

“Art is ingrained in so many areas of our children’s lives and transcends language, culture, religion, race, identity, age and ability. More often than not, it is not just a picture – art can portray, beauty, design, thinking, understanding, truth, learning and so much more. The process of producing art can not only provide some escapism and relaxation, but it can also help bridge many gaps and can help us to connect with ourselves and others in the wider world. Art in its various forms can be used to communicate messages through fun, appealing, clever, funny, informative and sometimes, shocking ways.

Art also develops skills in our children, including, motor skills, language skills, processing skills, social skills, decision-making, risk-taking, and invention, to name but a few. Every career involves some form of art and we should therefore be encouraging our children to take every opportunity they can to enjoy and develop this form of creativity, in preparation for their future careers.”

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