With Mediterranean temperatures forecast, Mr Bowden and Mrs Shuttleworth planned a surprise ‘Slip and Slide’ evening in the school grounds for our Senior boarders on Monday evening. And both the Girls and Boys were not disappointed, their laughter and excitement could be heard throughout the grounds as they whizzed down the Lambrook custom-made slide!   


Our Senior Boarders have certainly made up for missing out on a full Summer term of Boarding over the past few weeks, making the most of being at school for an extended day, in such beautiful weather and having the grounds to themselves each evening.

As well as the slip and slide, our Boarders have managed to fit in swimming, movie night, smoothie making, crafts, music practice, Prep (homework) tennis, hockey, to name but a few activities. With events like ‘Beat the Gappie’, golf putting tournaments and apple picking in our Orchard coming up in the next few weeks, there is even more to look forward to.



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