It has been another busy week at Lambrook with the bustling timetable seeming even more packed than ever.

There is a great buzz and excitement around the building and, given restrictions, teachers have been brilliantly creative with their lessons and activities, whether that be rehearsing for an upcoming Shakespeare or concert performance, playing competitive sport, making a collaborative art project, performing in a concert for teachers and peers, fulfilling prefect duties and using innovative teaching resources.

Our Year 8’s, having completed their mock exams last week, earned a well deserved celebration afternoon last Friday. Their Tutors organised surprise activities which included decorating gingerbread men, toasting s’mores by a firepit, enjoying some wellbeing time with a tutor’s calming Golden Retriever and a celebratory lunch. For the Year 8 Boarders the surprises continued in the Boarding House with a treat movie and pizza night.

Gingerbread has been a bit of a theme this week with our Year 3 and Nursery children learning from home, they were delighted to receive a gingerbread man in the post from Mr Perry and a note congratulating them on their hard work at home. We are delighted that Year 3 is now back in school and we are looking forward to welcoming Nursery back on Monday.

Year 1 have explored the characters from The Gingerbread Man in more detail. 1S enjoyed creating some paper plate foxes!  1H used different materials to make a gingerbread man story scene.

In Pre Prep, the children in Year 1 made beautiful dioramas for their gingerbread stories. The baking continued in Reception as they carefully decorated star biscuits after reading a star story that they are using as part of their topic, ‘Sparkle and Shine’. Year 2 has been comparing money values, learning about the Great Fire of London and preparing for the Great Fire of Lambrook.

Our Eco Eeam has been reminding us about cutting down on food waste in the Dining Room, to take smaller portions and then go up for seconds if needed. Year 6 had a fun eco surprise reply from Chris Riddell, one of their favourite authors at the Henley Festival. The illustrator and author was reminding pupils to recycle, with the gift of a beautiful original illustration drawn on a toilet roll!

This week we have been delighted to be able to start opening up performance opportunities within the Prep School. Assemblies and informal performance platforms within year groups have allowed children to show their peers what they have been doing in their individual music and drama lessons. We look forward to more of these as the year progresses. You can see short clips of the Year 5’s confident concert performances and photos of the Year 7’s and 5’s in action below.

click on the photos to see the short performance clips

Year 1 continued the important work of planting some of our 300 new trees with the help and direction of Mr Thrower.

During a visit to Lower School we discovered Year 4’s wonderful history projects. They are currently studying the Second World War and, had been asked to investigate their own families personal history or connections. The resulting projects beautifully displayed together make for fascinating reading.

Click to see a short video of the full display

Our photography activity is as popular as ever with pupils studying portraiture, nature, depth of field and focus. They are producing some wonderful compositions.

And one Year 7 pupil captured a mixed game of tag rugby on his camera beautifully.

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