With our Head Boy, Head Girl and Prefect announcements this week and our Year 8’s clear communication skills in evidence when they accepted their new roles, there seemed to be a trickle down effect across the school with pupils confidently speaking their lines in Shakespeare rehearsals, carefully explaining their work to classmates in Pre Prep and even clearly communicating the plight of endangered species through the media of an artistic display.

Our Middle School pupils were also confidently communicating in different languages this week aided by a French vocabulary lesson where pupils enjoyed dressing in different costumes to help them memorise items of clothing. We might not be able to travel easily to France at the moment but our French vocabulary lessons are certainly fun!

We caught our Eco Team in action using their display board to really make an impact and, inspired by the current Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition at the Natural History Museum, wanted to highlight endangered species. They used recycled paper to draw some beautiful pictures of different animals with an explanation of their plight and covered the board completely with their posters. We have no doubt that it will catch our community’s attention and give us all pause for thought.

After being inspired by their workshop on Friday, the Middle School’s Shakespearean rehearsals continued in earnest in preparation for their Shakespeare’s Schools’ Festival performance in November.

A huge range of sporting skills were on display this week and, as well as games, PE and some sport in activity sessions, Lambrook has also enjoyed playing a few fixtures against other schools. Our Pool Manager, unable to invite schools to the pool for swimming gala’s as usual, decided to hold a virtual swim gala. This week our Year 5 pupils made a splash and were the first to swim winning all their heats at this stage against St John’s Beaumont, Crosfields and Bishopsgate. Our Year 8 girls enjoyed playing some touch rugby in their activities session (as you can see from the photo were not afraid to get stuck in!), the U12 B girls’ hockey game against Eagle House was a closely fought end to end match, but they were unfortunately pipped at the post in the last 30 seconds of the game, our U12 A boys’ football team had a highly competitive ending in a tie against Eagle House on Wednesday and our U8 B team enjoyed a confident 5 – 0 win against Eagle House this afternoon, which is an impressive result for their first fixture.

Prep pupils who had opted into fencing for their activity afternoon, put the skills they’ve learned so far this year to the test in the BG room…

…and our Year 8 pupils developed some excellent skills on the basketball court as they played games within their year group bubble in the Sports Hall. We hope our basketball team can also return to playing some fixtures in due course.

Basketball also featured in the Year 4’s Entrepreneur Club this week, where pupils had to think of their own business idea and then put together a plan. Pupils had a go at designing and developing their products which included items such as designer masks and magnet footballs. In the final week the pupils pitched their ideas to the rest of the class and some boys even designing basketball products made entirely from scratch as part of their confidently communicated entrepreneur pitch.


Clear communication skills were also in evidence in Pre Prep this week with Year 2 using their communication skills to carefully explain to their class their favourite piece of homework and why they had enjoyed working on it.

2NP made their own ‘Mini London Factbooks’ in class this week. They enjoyed researching London landmarks and found out lots of exciting and interesting information. They were then able to share their knowledge in their wonderful London bus books.

Year 2 were also practising their French speaking skills to learning to describe the weather, they transformed into wonderful weather reporters in their French lessons. You can click on the photo below to see a full gallery of the weather reporters in action.

Year 1 made some chairs in art this week ready for testing by the Three Bears and also enjoyed a home learning sharing afternoon. The children had all worked hard to prepare something to share with their peers. They had plenty of houses for the three bears, facts about famous bears and even some bowls made of papier-mâché for the bears porridge.


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