Daniel Cox writes about Lambrook Chaplain Nick Thrower, on the week of his departure.

I can’t quite believe how quickly this term has passed and we now find ourselves heading into the Christmas break with both excitement and anticipation for the joy that the festive period will bring.  We do, however, end our term with the need to say farewell to one of our most outstanding colleagues, Nick Thrower.

It is impossible for a pupil to pass through their week at Lambrook without the pleasure of spending at least part of their time in the company of Nick. With Nick’s wide reaching role as Chaplain, he shines a light on many aspects of our community, a light with always leaves those he meets feeling richer and uplifted.  A committed classroom teacher, pastoral leader, Chaplin, sports coach, Assistant Head, Senior Leader and most importantly, a friend and support to all, Nick is a big part of Lambrook.

I am fortunate to work closely with Nick each day and we often share thoughts and ideas and support each other as we reflect on the best possible outcomes for our collective Lambrook community. Nick’s ability to handle challenging and sensitive issues with utter care and consideration never wavers. Nick always remains true to his principle of having the very best interest of the pupils at the heart of every decision, it is through this dedicated and pupil centered approach that Nick has become such an important and highly respected member of our community.

Whilst arguably being the most important role in any school, Nick’s leadership responsibilities don’t always carry the same level of ‘good news and glory’ that perhaps others may enjoy. Much like the IT department, the phone only tends to ring for Nick when things aren’t quite working as they should be. Nick’s ability to manage concerns in a caring, sensitive and professional manner is steadfast.  For many children and indeed staff and parents, the impact of Nick’s work will remain with them for many, many years.

Through listening to and learning from Nick, there are three key messages he will often reinforce with the children and staff alike. For me, these three messages will carry a personal legacy, as they will for many staff and pupils.  Firstly, Nick will always encourage us to ‘try and look out of the window and avoid just looking into the mirror’.  This is illustrative of Nick’s passion for us to be an outward looking school and a community which is mindful of others around us. Secondly, Nick will always encourage the quality of kindness above all else.  Nick is always clear that through prioritizing kindness our community will be richer in every relationship that exists within it. Thirdly, Nick will often talk about the importance of ‘being present and living in the moment’.  He reminds us to not always look ahead in anticipation for bigger and better things to come. This final value always encourages our children to be grateful and to also seek pleasure in the simple joys that each day can bring.

Nick moves on to a richly deserved Headship at St John’s on-the-Hill,  Chepstow. There is no doubt that the St John’s community will be all the richer for the impact that Nick will have on their already successful School.  Nick is, of course, supported in his move by his wife Jo and his lovely children Poppy and Harry.  A more welcoming, grounded and friendly family would be hard to find and there is no doubt that their personal values, strong moral compass and professional qualities will see St John’s go from strength to strength.

We wish Nick, Jo and the family every possible happiness and blessing as they embark on their new chapter.  They leave Lambrook with our utter respect and I dearly hope our long lasting friendships.

Daniel Cox, Deputy Headmaster 

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