The recent arrival of 1-to-1 devices for our Middle and Upper School pupils has provided much excitement amongst our pupils and staff.


Following an enforced period of remote learning last term, our pupils are already armed with a range of skills and techniques that they quickly learnt, and are now keen to develop these even further in the classroom environment as they embark on the next stage of Lambrook’s Digital Learning Programme. The new devices are by no means a replacement for the traditional pen, paper, textbooks and teacher-led lessons – these still very much have a place at Lambrook; rather, they are an additional learning tool to add to the school satchel! And it is not just the upper end of the school who are benefiting: laptops, tablets and iPads have been freed up for younger years, from as young as Nursery age.

Whilst digital education is clearly not a new experience for our pupils, Lambrook believe that this new development will further equip our children with the skills needed for both now and in the future, whilst in a nurturing environment. As a prep school, it is our responsibility to prepare our pupils as much for the immediate challenges they will face when they transition to a senior school environment as for the world they will inhabit as adults.

The digital environment is a core element of this transition, and we must therefore seek to incorporate a familiarity with, and an understanding of, the digital environment, its opportunities and its potential hazards into learning, both academically and pastorally. Digital technology, when used appropriately, can offer children a wide range of learning opportunities, both in and out of the classroom environment, including access to a wider range of resources and materials to aid their research and learning, faster interaction, feedback and analysis, further opportunities to work creatively and collaboratively with peers and the chance for asynchronous participation in classroom sessions. Furthermore, with their own dedicated devices for schoolwork, pupils are now more easily able to catch up on any work they may miss, should they be away from the classroom for any reason.

As with all learning tools, we are keen for our pupils to be safe and responsible online and continue to incorporate this into our digital teaching, alongside support from our parents.

John Gracey, Head of Digital Learning

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