With pupils taking LAMDA exams, our LAMDA and music lessons, dance classes in our studio and of course, our usual timetabled academic music and drama lessons, the DJC continued to be a hive of activity this week.

Our ensemble groups busily recorded individual performances to put together a fabulous concert for our Lambrook community.

“It was so amazing to see the results of all of the hard work put in over the year, culminating in this fantastic event.” Miss Elliot, Head of Academic Music and Performance

Our Year Group Choirs from Years 3 – 8 all sang with great gusto – enjoying their time on the virtual stage.

Lambrook’s Upper School Wind Band played Jellybeans (Nestico), which had been arranged by Mr Whennell.

The numerous String Groups impressed individually. We are very much looking forward to when they can perform together as a String Orchestra next academic year.

Our very own Rock Band (The Clix) starring some of our Year 8 boys performed Boulevard of Broken Dreams (Armstrong, Dirnt and Cool) and we have more to look forward to in our live-streamed Year 8 Speech Day on Saturday. 


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