Inspired by their teachers, some of our pupils have extended their learning over the last few weeks, they’ve written and performed their own poetry, rehearsed an additional drama piece, immersed themselves in a science project and even transformed into a dragon expert!

One Prep School pupil put on an excellent performance to create a fun piece of work to complement what they had been doing in a drama class, a Year 2 pupil was so excited by the snow that she was inspired to write a super snowflake poem to send to her teachers, and a Year 4 pupil’s research work shone in the video below which he put together when pupils were asked to become dragon experts as part of a drama activity.

Narrative poem and the Viking battle of Lindisfarne

Pupils have also dived into our House Kindness Challenge, going above and beyond to make a surprise afternoon tea for neighbours, tidying up without being asked, making lunch for the family for a whole week, making cheerful bookmarks for classmates and even reading a storybook to a family friend’s young son over Zoom. You can see the range of thoughtful ideas and actions our pupils have taken in the gallery below.

In our art gallery this week some Year 4 artists were asked to make a Valentines 14 heart composition inspired by a famous abstract artist.

Reception pupils have been looking at dragons and made some more beautiful art this week.

Our pupils in Year 2 have been working hard; continuing their learning on measurement by measuring things around the house, playing a maths game linked to measurement. They have also been investigating the best method to filter water in their science lessons.

A Year 4 pupil used an interesting and creative way to present to his knowledge on teeth and digestion to the class and came up with a fantastic rap!

Some more pupils in Lower School have also been making creative videos in their drama lessons, where they used the puppets they made in Art and DT to make these narrative puppet performances.

Madame Moston’s, ‘How to make a Crepe’  video set the Upper school a challenge for their French lessons and they responded brilliantly, and in some cases, collecting the eggs from chickens or adding their own spins to the classic recipe. You can see some screen shots of their videos below and also Madame Moston’s own classic French recipe for crepes (click on the image for the whole recipe).

Madame Moston’s classic recipe

And in Art and DT Year 3 has used their time machines to travel back in time to the Byzantine era to learn all about mosaics and then make some of their own.





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