Last week we remembered that a year ago, the Prep School had their very own Victorian Day to mark the start of its 160th Anniversary year.

The children had a special Victorian cross-curricular timetable for the day and the day kicked off with a Victorian assembly led by Mr Perry dressed in suitable ‘Master’ attire, and a popular 19th Century hymn. Lessons, however, were the very opposite of dour and serious, with Victorian teaching very much brought into the 21st Century; lessons included, making a working zoetrope in Design and Technology, serving at and enjoying a Victorian tea party, learning the Floral Dance and examining melodrama and nineteenth century literature, learning about Victorian sanitation in science and playing ‘fox and hounds’ in PE.

You can watch a video of our Victorian Day by clicking on the photo below:

One of the highlights for the children, was the opportunity to become ‘Junior Archivists’ and to take part in a special Lambrook History trail led by our very own School Archivist, John Kimbell. The children had to find clues around the school that related to five notable Lambrook families, who attended the school during Victorian times.

We are so grateful to be able to re-visit some of the artefacts and sources that we have around the School site relating to these families:

Some of the highlights and historical artefacts at Lambrook can be seen below:

The Asquith Family

The three eldest sons of Herbert H. Asquith (British Prime Minister from 1908 to 1916) were pupils at Lambrook.

Raymond and Arthur feature on various honours boards, whilst Herbert D. Asquith included his schooldays in a book of memoirs.

Another member of the Asquith Family, Matt (above), worked as a Gappie in the Lambrook Music Department for a year (2013-14) before going to university.


The Bentley Family

All six sons from this family of nine children were educated at Lambrook. Mention of the eldest and youngest pairs can be found on artefacts around the school, and the latter jointly founded the Bentley Motor Company 102 years ago.


WO Bentley as a boy at Lambrook



From the 1888-89 Cricket Scoring Book

You can read more about the Bentley brothers, written by our School Archivist here:

W.O. Bentley at Lambrook – Lambrook (


The Carré and Heath Families

Of the four Carré brothers and their cousin R. M. Heath, only one (Meyrick Heath Carré) survived the Great War. He later taught Philosophy at the University of Bristol and his research was published in a number of books.

Honouring those lost in The Great War (located in the Lambrook Chapel)

The Cruickshank Family

All three brothers from this family attended Lambrook. Their father was employed in the Indian Civil Service and the middle brother, Arthur Henry Prinsep Cruickshank, died whilst serving in an Indian Army Regiment during the First World War.



Bentley Challenge Cup 1904 (The Best Gymnast of the Year)

Lambrook Single Fives, awarded in 1896 (found in the Lambrook Library)

The Hind Family

Three brothers from this Nottinghamshire family attended Lambrook: Oliver Watts Hind, Lawrence Arthur Hind, and Harold Ashover Hind. The initials of all three are inscribed on various artefacts around the school.

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