Boarding at Prep school can be enormously beneficial for a child’s preparation for their future senior school, especially if a family is considering a boarding school. Being familiar with a boarding model and feeling secure in a boarding environment and its workings, can help the transition to a new school be much smoother.

Our pupils at Lambrook are given lots of freedom to enjoy the boarding experience after their day at school. A happy extension of school life, they are encouraged to socialise and enjoy each other’s company outside in the fantastic grounds or in the Common Rooms; we very much hope that this will give them the confidence to flourish in a senior school boarding environment. Although our pupils have been unable to board this term, our boarders have instead, been able to meet up virtually. The senior and junior boys met separately for some fun games and a catch up, and the girls also met as seniors and juniors, for an evening with the Girls’ Boarding staff, live from the Girls’ Boarding House, Lambrook House.

As part of our Year 8 Leavers’ Programme, our boarders Zoomed into a question and answer session with Housemasters from senior schools, Eton, Radley and Oakham. Each Housemaster talked about their experiences, offering advice to our Lambrook pupils who are currently getting ready to move onto this exciting new stage of their educational journey.

There was very much a consensus from all of the Housemasters, that pupils should throw themselves into the many opportunities that would come their way whilst at senior school, and especially in a boarding house. With so many different areas to be involved in, in a boarding community, there are numerous opportunities to try new things and to step out of comfort zones. They also emphasised the need to talk to as many people, from as many years as possible, and to avoid using devices over talking in person!

The senior school Housemasters shared that the time spent boarding at Prep School would give pupils a head start when settling in. Pupils already used to being away from home would be well-used to being independent and having more responsibility; with many more independent decisions to make, such as what clubs to sign up for, what to eat, what to do in social time, as well as organising ones own work, Lambrook pupils should be well set up for this.

Alastair Bowden, Head of Boys’ Boarding 

Our Head of Girls’ Boarding, Adele, shares her review of the session:

The boarding Q&A was a great way to help the final preparations for our future schools, clearing up a few of the blurry aspects. Preparing us for the changed routine ahead, and to give us an idea to look at what that will be like. The talk was helpful to a lot of people as they may be going to school alone without anyone from Lambrook. It helped them to adjust to a more independent environment and to be able to join the school with a calm, clear mind. Lambrook has prepared me a lot with boarding, as it has given me and many more an enjoyable area to relax and just enjoy the time. It has given me such a positive mind with boarding and made me feel able to go to a boarding school comfortably. As it is flexi boarding it has given me such an open mind to choose what will make me happy and to get even more at home. Boarding has also given me a home away from home, which is really what helps boarding be more fun! Finally, Lambrook has given us an idea of what it will be like in terms of the routine, especially at night. Being firm about bed time and not talking after lights out, this is ideal as it is what we will receive in the future.

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