On Easter Saturday, we welcomed some of our newest recruits to Lambrook.

We are delighted to be able to give a home to these chickens who are a mixture of ex caged hens and free range hens, deemed no longer commercially viable, but rescued through the British Hen Welfare Trust. This fantastic organisation save and aim to re-home hens when they reach 18 months old and are no longer able to lay an egg a day, which is the minimum requirement at many of these farms.

Since 2005, the British Hen Welfare Trust has rescued and re-homed over 800,000 hens, giving them a much-needed free-range retirement! The hens are hybrid and bred commercially, but our new Lambrook farm members are based on a Rhode Island Red breed. Although currently rather scruffy in their appearance, we hope that after some Lambrook air, care and visits from our Lambrook children, they will begin re-grow their feathers. The children have been able to visit them from a distance, as we are being careful not to overwhelm the hens in these early stages. They are settling into their new and spacious environment very well and have continued to lay eggs for us.

Pre Prep children visiting the new chickens

Chickens are happiest with other chickens and in lots of outdoor space. They are relatively low maintenance and as well as being fantastic for teaching our children and laying eggs, they are also hard working birds, clearing weeds, eating falling fruit before they start rotting and attracting bugs and produce fantastic fertilizer, helping to keep our Lambrook Grounds in check!

We have many exciting plans for our Lambrook farm over the coming months and we look forward to encouraging our children to continue to care and look after the world around them.

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