It has been a pleasure to listen to healthy debate in Lambrook today following the historic news of the vote to withdraw from the European Union. I have been so impressed by the level of interest and understanding of the arguments on both sides expressed from within the pupil community and have no doubt that we have political leaders of the future in our midst. We are in for interesting times ahead!

Given the events nationally today, looking back to last weekend may feel like a long time ago; however, we would all agree that our Sports Day was certainly a highlight for us all. The focus of Sports Day brilliantly balances two dynamics: pushing each individual to perform to their best ability and driving them to do the best for their House team. It also shines a light on the sheer breadth of sporting talent we have here at the school, which only seems to grow year-on-year as our fixture list lengthens, providing even more opportunities for competitive play. The diversity of talent we have here is also showcased as the children apply themselves to a range of track and field events with aplomb. Yet, moments that always stand out in my mind are those occasions where you can see a child does not have a particular proclivity for a certain event, yet their desire and passion to do their best is clear for all to see. This always seems particularly apparent in the track events, where inevitably, there is a child that runs at the back throughout the entire race, knowing that they will probably remain at the back and cross the finish line last, yet you see them pumping their arms hard, stretching their legs far, and pushing themselves to do their best for themselves and their team.

Moments such as these make me incredibly proud to lead Lambrook and may I congratulate all of the children on their efforts this year. A particular thanks also to our staff for their hard work in ensuring that our Sports Day events ran seamlessly.

It was a pleasure to welcome back our Year 8s after their adventures this week in Somerset. Their return comes at an exciting time for the school where we have a jam packed schedule of activities in the lead up to the end of term. There is much to look forward to next week: dance shows, author visits, a thrilling week of sport, plays, art exhibitions, a choral competition and concluding, of course, with the Summer Ball. I look forward to joining you in a glass or two there to reflect on another wonderful week at our school.

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