Our Pre Prep were treated to a very exciting occasion this week, as some of them attended the Great Park to watch the Queen and other members of the Royal Family in their horse drawn carriages on their way to Royal Ascot. We are so fortunate to live in such close proximity to one of the Queen’s favourite residences and to be able to share in Royal events such as these, but we are also immensely privileged to have our own Royal Connection, knowing that 160 years ago, Queen Victoria used to visit Lambrook regularly in her own carriage, to watch her grandsons Prince Albert Victor and Prince Christian Victor perform in plays and to play in sports matches. Looking ahead to January 2020, we will be celebrating Lambrook’s 160th anniversary and we look forward to sharing a very exciting programme with you in the new academic year.

As a country, we are currently in the throws of some exciting international competitions such as Women’s World Cup Football, Queen’s Tennis, the Cricket World Cup and even the Tory Leadership race! And at Lambrook, we are looking forward to a much more high profile and significant sporting event: Lambrook Sports Day. Tomorrow is a fantastic opportunity for our pupils to showcase their talents in the athletics arena, and following an extremely successful Athletics competition earlier this week, where a large number of our pupils qualified for the National Finals, we are in for an exciting day of inter-house rivalry. As well as healthy competition, the event is a real example of Lambrook community spirit, as each competitor is encouraged by parents, family members, staff and children alike, no matter what the outcome.

I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow, for hopefully, a dry and sunny occasion.

Jonathan Perry, Headmaster

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