Along with one or two other awards that Lambrook has been fortunate to receive over recent years, the recognition of Best Match Tea and Best School Menu Award 2019, were two that we were particularly proud of last year. We are very fortunate to have an outstanding catering team who produce the most enticingly delicious and healthy breakfasts, lunches and dinners for the school community on a daily basis, and I know that parents and visitors are great fans of the Victoria sponges and sandwiches provided for tea after sports matches!

Certainly one of the highlights of my day is being able to sit and have lunch with the children and to catch up on all that they have done so far and the excitements to come. We are very conscious that during a busy day, it is important to find time and have space to breathe and enjoy one another’s company and, with this in mind, we are in the process of looking at how we can improve and extend our dining room facility to meet the needs of a busy and vibrant school. Having spent a good deal of time with our architects over the past year or so, we are excited that this significant extension will come into fruition over the course of summer 2020. I look forward to sharing more detailed plans with you in due course.

It has been fantastic to watch the children getting involved in our Harvest Festival celebrations, and to witness the generosity of parents in providing food items for those in our local area where these items will make a considerable difference.  The children have really grasped the importance of giving towards others, and Bracknell Food Bank have warmly received the many bags of donations; your support of such a worthy cause is so greatly appreciated.  On an associated note, it was a pleasure to welcome a representative at Wednesday’s assembly from the new charity we will be supporting as a school over the coming year. First Days aim to provide clothing, furniture and other essentials for families who genuinely struggle to afford such things and it seemed so appropriate for Lambrook, through the energy and drive of our LPTC team, to work closely with them in hopefully making a significant difference to the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves.

Another busy weekend awaits us and I look forward to seeing many of you cheering on our children during Saturday afternoon.

Jonathan Perry, Headmaster 

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