One of our main priorities here at Lambrook is teaching our children about the positive impact that they can have, both individually and collectively on the world around them. There is no doubt that young people are leading the way in challenging us all to respond to global issues and especially, the ever increasing environmental concerns that we face. We are keen for our pupils to be outward-looking in many different areas, learning to use their gifts, time and resources for the benefit of others. As you will be aware, we have been very fortunate to send some of our pupils on a number of exciting expeditions and sports tours, and with each one there is always a level of service and benefit for those less fortunate than ourselves. We had a presentation this afternoon on the Year 7 Swedish Canoeing Expedition where part of the challenge is for every pupil to raise a further £500 each to enable another child from a very different background to enjoy the same experience.

This week, the LPTC met for our termly meeting to feed back on events and funds raised and to share some exciting plans for the future. I am extremely indebted to our Parent Teacher Committee who work tirelessly for the good of others and for the school. Through their practical help and support, they encourage a very happy and vibrant community which is a joy to be a part of and their specific focus on First Days, our school charity this year, has been most humbling to witness. One of the focus areas of The Lambrook Foundation is to increase our Bursary Fund here, and your support of this has been overwhelming in these early stages. I look forward to sharing more information with you at our Queen’s Drinks Reception and as I see you on the sports fields and around the Lambrook site over the coming weeks.

Jonathan Perry

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