What a busy start to the term it has been and I am sure that after exams this week, your children are ready for their exeat break!

Exams are a wonderful opportunity to consolidate learning and to showcase skills, knowledge and understanding accumulated over time. Whilst the thought of a week of written papers can be quite intimidating for many, I am always so impressed with how diligently the children embrace such a challenge and by having them as standard practice throughout their Lambrook journey, we hope that the process of them will become less daunting, and instead the routine will become excellent preparation for senior school, university and indeed beyond. Of course it is not just in education: from driving tests, to putting a document together under time pressure at work or even completing a tax form (!), we all draw on exam skills learned in the early stages of our lives and become more productive with practice.

But we are, of course, so much more than exams here at Lambrook. In such a busy world, we are so mindful of the pressures that our children face and place a strong emphasis on our children having a childhood, encouraging them to enjoy being young, to be creative and to embrace the environment around them whether that is playing games, playing music, feeding the chickens, spending time with friends in the boarding house or a whole host of other interests, all of which are equally important.  I am sure that our Year Five play, The Three Musketeers, later today will illustrate this so beautifully as the pupils enjoy performing together.

I do wish you a restful break over the weekend and I look forward to all that next week has in store.

Jonathan Perry

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