As we draw towards the end of another busy week, I am sure that you are all in need of a much needed break after journeying through a half term like no other!

One of my favourite times of the Lambrook academic year is Performing Arts Week, which usually takes place at the end of the Lent Term. This year, due to the pandemic, the plans for such a week were somewhat thwarted, as the term had an unexpected and premature close. Half a term later, and it has been such a treat to have our inaugural Remote Performing Arts Week. There has been a real vibrant energy over the past five days, with so many different things taking place; with Zoom cushion concerts, remote choir performances, play performances, musical singalongs as well as the dozens of timetabled Performing Arts lessons; music and drama are truly thriving in our Lambrook community.

The numerous benefits of Performing Arts, including the lifting of spirits, have been obvious throughout this week and indeed the past half term. Mr Ford informs me that our pupils are practising their instruments more than ever before and that the remote music lessons taking place in Lambrook homes, are truly thriving.

One of the many things that has impressed me during this period, has been the creativity shown by the pupils in their work and activities, in their approach to tasks set, and in the delivery of the work to their teachers. We have all seen some outstanding pieces, including some incredible written projects, Flipgrid videos, Dragon’s Den pitches, brilliant baking, running or walking many miles in our 1860 Challenge, entering competitions, and of course, showing some amazing acts of kindness to those serving us and those in difficulty at this time. It is clear that Lambrook pupils are keen to approach all they encounter with an infectious enthusiasm and energy.

As you look back over the past few weeks, there will have been undoubtedly a number of ups and downs, frustrations and joys; however, I hope that the positives have out-weighed the negatives. Most of all, I hope that you have enjoyed spending more time as a family and witnessing your child’s amazing talents, capabilities and skills. Thank you for all of your support from home, in allowing all of the above to happen.

We now move into the next stage of this most unusual journey, and I am confident that your children will continue to embrace all that will unfold over the second half of the term; the skills that they have been equipped with over the past few months, will of course, stand them in good stead. Before that point, I know that they will be looking forward to a good break over the coming week.

Whilst we look forward to welcoming Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 back to Lambrook from 1st June, please be reassured that our commitment and support to those at home remains as strong as ever.

I wish you and your family a restful half term.

Jonathan Perry

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