Our Year 8 pupils will be breathing a sigh of relief today, as they put down their pens after completing a week of Common Entrance examinations. Although rather different exam conditions to what we envisaged, I am grateful to parents for their support in enabling these to happen from home. I have been so very impressed with the way in which the pupils have applied themselves over the past few weeks, and I know that they will have used the opportunity to showcase the culmination of all of their hard work, their knowledge and talent brilliantly. I look forward to sharing the results with them, and of course celebrating in due course. Each Year 8 pupil should be so proud of all that they have achieved, not just this week, but throughout their time at Lambrook, most of which cannot be measured or constrained by an examination.

It has been an absolute joy to have some of our Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 pupils back in school this week; hearing their happy chatter in the classrooms and grounds, seeing them playing sport and being able to meet with staff face to face, they have adjusted to the amended set up and have settled back into Lambrook life very quickly. I do hope that it is not too long before we have all of our Lambrook pupils back. We long for that vibrant energy and enthusiasm that resonates from every classroom, event and activity.

We have also been very mindful of those children continuing with their remote learning at home and I have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to meet with several Year Groups via Zoom over the past few days and hearing about all that they have achieved and accomplished over these challenging weeks.  At the same time, many were keen to tell me how much taller they are, how much their hair has grown and other such changes that have gone on whilst they have been away! They have been quite remarkable and I am immensely proud of every one of them.

I hope you have a lovely weekend and enjoy the opportunity of being able to meet up with friends and family.

Jonathan Perry

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