It has been extremely special to see the happy faces of both new and returning pupils and staff this week. Already the children have been relishing being back in the Lambrook environment, making the most of all that is on offer to them; classrooms have been awash with exciting lessons, football, netball and hockey have been played in our grounds, our pool has been swum in, lunches have been enjoyed (especially fish and chips today!), our senior pupils are settling into boarding and friendships are being reunited and new ones made. There is a tangible buzz around the place and it feels like we have been back at Lambrook for more than two days! I am sure that the children will sleep well this weekend after starting a new and exciting routine.

The start of something new, whether that be a new school, a new year or a new class is always an exciting time, offering fresh opportunities, with many chances to try new things, as well as developing and building on already established skills. I have been speaking to all of our year groups and classes over the past few days in Chapel services and assemblies about the importance of giving their best in all that they do; not necessarily being the best, but trying their hardest in all areas of school life. The start of term is the perfect time to set new targets and new challenges, where through these experiences, we grow and I am sure this will be the case for the pupil community here.

Each year at Lambrook gets better and better, and despite all that is happening around us, I know that the children will continue to impress in all that they achieve, not letting these circumstances get in the way, as they maintain their extremely positive and outward-looking attitudes.

It has been lovely to see so many of you in your cars as you drop off and pick up and I look forward to a time, in the hopefully not too distant future where we can welcome all parents back onto the school site properly. Thank you for your patience as we tweak our school arrivals and departures, as we adhere to Government guidelines.

I look forward to seeing the Middle and Upper School at Saturday School tomorrow and wish you all a happy weekend.

Jonathan Perry

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