Being at school and having the opportunity to learn new things at every twist and turn of the day, is incredibly exciting. To be inspired by one’s teachers and fellow peers in class, to learn new skills in football or hockey training, to join a choir, to hunt for bugs in our grounds, or to make a new friend, are all really important for any child at every stage of their school journey and it is a pleasure witnessing them doing so here.  We are now drawing towards the end of our fourth week in school and there is no doubt that the children seem to be flying, and making progress on many fronts, and I hope that over this exeat weekend you enjoy hearing even more about their adventures, both in and outside the classroom.

Over the past couple of weeks, I have had the opportunity to spend time with a number of pupils as they prepare for their interviews for their possible future schools and they never cease to amaze me with the confidence and self-assurance they portray at such times. We are extremely keen to enable our children to be themselves at interview, to talk about their passions, the incredible things that they do at Lambrook, their aspirations, who their role models are, the books they are reading, their thoughts on current affairs and even who they would have for dinner if they could invite any three individuals in history! It’s a really good question to ask and I wonder whom you would choose? For me, certainly Churchill would be one of mine now, although I am not sure if he would have been when I was aged 10 – I suspect I would have chosen Billy Bonds or Pele or Sean Connery …. and why not!

For our Nursery and Pre Prep children, future schools seem a long way off, but in no time at all, they are ready for the next stage, whether that be going into Pre Prep, Lower School,  or ultimately their last year at Lambrook. Last weekend, we sent our youngest off to University, and it hardly seems like yesterday when we were taking him in for his first day at school. These years will race by and we look forward to working with all of you in providing the feathers, giving them the skills they need for each new challenge, for your children to fly at each stage of their educational journey here.

I do hope that you have a restful and happy weekend.

Jonathan Perry, Headmaster 

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