It has been fantastic to be able to celebrate Harvest in our year group Chapels and Assemblies over two weeks, and also to witness the generosity of Lambrook families providing food items for those in need in our local area, as we send donations to Bracknell Food Bank. We are so fortunate with all that we have, and this time of year is a helpful reminder to be thankful ourselves for what we have and for those who produce it for us. It is also a time to be outward-looking, reaching out to those in need, to those who may not have what we have.

Our groundsmen have been hard at work building some new raised vegetable beds in our Orchard, and in due course each year group will have their own designated area to grow their own vegetables and plants. Hopefully by next harvest time the children will not only be able to eat their own-grown items, but also give some to those in our local community. Our chickens continue to lay eggs each day, the honey from the bee hives is lifting the hearts of many at breakfast and pigs may well be on their return to school in a few weeks’ time.

Another highlight this week has been announcing Lambrook’s new Head Boy, Head Girl and those who have been given positions of wider responsibility this year. We are extremely keen for all of our Year 8 pupils to take responsibility throughout the school, and as I have met with them over the past few weeks,  I have been immensely impressed with their creative ideas on their leadership and how we can work together to make Lambrook an even better school. Regardless of whether our senior pupils have official positions of responsibility or not, each one of them has a wonderful opportunity to be a role model to our younger pupils, inspiring them, encouraging them, drawing alongside them and guiding them through their journey at Lambrook.

I look forward to seeing the Middle and Upper School pupils at Saturday school tomorrow. We have enjoyed being able to have some sports fixtures against other schools over the past week, and look forward to more fixtures tomorrow afternoon.

Jonathan Perry

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