We have really enjoyed ‘Express Yourself Friday’ today, and it has been a pleasure to hear about and witness the many different ways in which the children, the staff and many of you as parents, have expressed yourselves today in the clothes you have worn and the activities that you have taken part in – a fantastic way to celebrate the end of our wellbeing and Children’s Mental Health Week.

One of the most notable examples of someone expressing himself was, of course, Captain Sir Tom Moore, and his desire to make a difference. His story has captivated our nation since Good Friday last year; from the start of his epic walk, to his sad death this week, he has been an inspiration to us all, raising extraordinary amounts of money for the NHS. It is safe to say that, despite the challenges of age and disability being against him, Captain Sir Tom certainly lived his last few months to the full, making the most of the opportunity that he had to be outward-looking and serve others.

And every Lambrook pupil has their own story to tell this week, as they have continued to grasp hold of the opportunities in front of them, despite the challenging circumstances that they face. Each and every one of them, from those in Nursery to those in Year 8, should be so very proud of all that they have achieved, whether in their online learning, their music and drama lessons, through helping at home, taking part in House challenges, looking after the environment or clocking up miles to ‘race around the world’, while at the same time taking time out to think about their own mental health and how best they can look after themselves and those around them.

These and so many other examples have been clear illustrations of the children expressing themselves this past week; their determination, enthusiasm, creativity, resilience, talent and desire to give their best, as Captain Sir Tom did, and we admire them all.  I thought the following clip of elephants, expressing themselves would be a rather happy way to celebrate this special week!

Elephant Video

Thank you for your support over the past week; we are so grateful for the ways in which you encourage and support your children from home. May I wish you a very restful weekend.

Jonathan Perry

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