After 7 weeks of remote learning and having to carry the responsibility of supervision of your children during the working day, you will all be popping open the Champagne this evening in the knowledge that from Monday life will be returning to relative normality as your children are dropped off to school to be welcomed by the staff here who are desperate to take them off your hands!   This last year has certainly been unique, and the last period at home will have been different for so many of our Lambrook families; there have been joys, special family times and indeed, challenges, however, I have been so incredibly impressed with how the children have continued to embrace whatever has been placed at their feet with such enthusiasm and energy.

What this period has brought home to me more than ever, however, is how vital the Lambrook community is. I have seen it in so many areas over the past weeks: as the children have logged into form times, joined assemblies and thoughts for the day, engaged in academic lessons, have thrown themselves into games and activity sessions, pupils (and indeed teachers) have been lifted by a screen full of friendly faces at every turn. The brilliant levels of participation in the house competitions, Around the World Challenge and of course, Lambrook’s Big Breakfast have been heart-warming to see and further helped us to remain very much together. As parents, you will also probably feel that you have got to know the teachers incredibly well too!

However, as we have come to appreciate more than ever, there is something even more special about being together in person. That is why we are so excited about Monday, and so looking forward to having the children back in school. I know that the Lambrook ‘spirit’ will be evident from the minute the cars and minibuses turn into our school entrances. There is certainly much to look forward to with a busy final three weeks to embrace and to build on all that has taken place so far this year. We do hope that the drop offs and pick ups will be as swift as possible in the knowledge that by the summer term there may well be even more contact between us all; the cricket season has to be accompanied by match teas and Pimms! In the meantime, I hope that you fare well tonight, as parents and staff gather together for the LPTC quiz; a taste of happy times ahead.

I wish you a very restful weekend.

Jonathan Perry


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