We are always confident that our children go on to achieve so many amazing things in their lives, but most importantly, we hope that they all go on to be kind and outward looking in all that they do.

Having a selfless attitude is something that we continue to promote to our children at Lambrook, providing them with opportunities to have a positive impact on others around them, both close to home and further afield.  It was an enormous privilege to be able to join together as a whole school today in support of the National campaign ‘Jeans for Genes’, where a significant sum was raised for such an important cause.

I am always heartened to hear of Old Lambrookians who have gone on to make a difference at their Senior Schools and indeed beyond. Our pupils in the Middle and Upper School are currently thinking about which Senior School might be the right fit for them – the one at which they will be able to thrive academically, in sport, music, drama, but also the one where they will be able to make a positive difference amongst those around them and beyond.

The Future Schools process is very much about finding the right fit for every child and we look forward to welcoming four experienced speakers to our Future Schools’ Evening on Tuesday. With the Heads of two leading Independent senior schools, a housemaster and an admissions registrar, a vast array of topics will be covered along with some pretty healthy debate. It is always one of the most valuable and entertaining evenings here and I would encourage those of you in who are in the midst of this process to come along.

It has been a pleasure to speak to so many of you over the course of this week at our many parents’ evenings, at pick up and drop off each day and over a cup of tea on match day too. That tangible sense of community is something that we treasure greatly here and your support of the school on so many fronts is hugely appreciated. Do please join us tomorrow either in Chapel first thing or later in the day for a busy afternoon of sport.

Jonathan Perry

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