Although it seems only a matter of a few weeks since the Easter holiday, a great deal has been achieved here at Lambrook in so many areas. I have witnessed some extraordinary talent across the whole school, in academic work, chemistry challenges, story writing competitions, on cricket pitches, on the athletics track, in musical and dance performances and in looking after chickens, to name but a few! I particularly enjoyed attending the Year 4 play, as well as the many concerts and performances that have taken place over the past few weeks. I know from experience that standing on the stage and performing in front of peers is not an easy thing to do, yet each child has shown great courage in doing so. I am so proud of each and every one. 

Our Year 8 have been extremely impressive in their focus and application in preparation for their forthcoming Common Entrance exams. And all of this hard work will certainly be worth it; these exams are not only an essential part of the educational journey, but also a fantastic opportunity for our pupils to really excel and to showcase their knowledge and understanding in many subject areas. They may also even enjoy themselves during the process! Although a particularly busy time at the moment, our Leavers have much to look forward to and to celebrate in their last few weeks of term, once their exams have finished.  

Thank you to the LPTC who all worked so tirelessly to put on such a superb event last weekend; it really was a fantastic evening and great fun was had by all.  We are so fortunate to have an amazing team of parents who give up so much of their time for the benefit of pupils, parents and staff, while at the same time raising money for some very worthy causes. On that note, I have been rather overwhelmed by the support that you have shown for the Heads Up, ‘Dawn until Dusk’ challenge. The pressure is certainly on now, and I promise to train hard over the half term break and will, of course, be providing photographic evidence! 

I do hope that you have a happy half term and I look forward to all that is ahead in the last few weeks of this academic year. 


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