It was a genuine pleasure to welcome many of you this afternoon to the formal opening of our Orchard in memory of Elisabeth Falzon Sant Manduca, who sadly died of a rare form of brain cancer (DIPG) in November. As you will all remember, Elisabeth was a beautiful, kind, generous and courageous little girl who had the most extraordinary impact upon the lives of so many children, teachers and families at Lambrook. Whilst we miss her so terribly, the Orchard will be a place of beauty, joy, laughter, peace and hope and is the most perfect place to remind us of how special she was.  The Orchard has always been a part of the school estate, being the home of the two donkeys for over forty years. They have now moved on to pastures new, which has created us with the opportunity to restore this field into an environment that will host bees, pigs, chickens, vegetables and, of course, apple trees. 

We will also be building a new outhouse in this area, kindly donated by our LPTC, which will provide a rather beautiful place for learning and for small events.  Not only will the Orchard be a special place to remember Elisabeth by but also a wonderfully enriching area for children and families to visit, to have space, to learn and to just ‘be’; something that we are not always very good at in this fast moving world that we live in.  A resource that is as equally important than any new facility that we have built and opened over recent years.  We have planted a weeping willow tree in Elisabeth’s honour, and it is special to think that in years to come, Lambrook children will be able to sit underneath this tree and remember a very special member of our Lambrook community. We are extremely blessed to have had Elisabeth at Lambrook for four years; her gentle and kind character touched all that she met. 

Looking ahead to the weekend, the cricket season gets underway with a series of matches on Saturday. The forecast predicts a rather blowy afternoon; however, I look forward to seeing many of you there by the boundaries and over delicious cake and tea. 



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