One of the challenges for any child in a busy and vibrant school is finding the time to embrace the many opportunities on offer here.  Our Year 8 pupils have illustrated this perfectly over the past week with the completion of their mock examinations, a mid week sports festival, musical rehearsals for the choir, and three performances of Macbeth to keep them occupied!  Given the choice to attend a light musical or a rather dark and disturbing Shakespearean classic I would almost certainly attend the former; however Macbeth, so cleverly directed by Peter Bird, was one of the most outstanding productions I have witnessed at Prep school level.  I have always thought of our Lambrookians as being a very kind and friendly group but last night they were positively deceitful and disturbing, and quite brilliantly so!  To see our pupils, performing such a challenging and difficult play with such assurance and confidence was quite extraordinary.  They will be the richer for such an opportunity and we certainly were for being present. Congratulations to all.

There is more to come, of a much lighter tone I might add, over the coming weeks and parents are most welcome to join us for the many joyous events in the calendar as we draw towards the Christmas season and it was a pleasure to see many of you last night at our wonderful Year 3 Advent Service.  I hope that you have a very happy weekend and look forward to seeing many of you at our Christmas Fayre tomorrow.
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