Cheers of jubilation could be heard resonating from the DJC at 10.30 today, as our Year 8 pupils celebrated the end of their Latin papers and the completion of their Common Entrance examinations. It has been most encouraging to witness our senior pupils supporting one another through the pressures of such an important examination week, and to sense their relief as they realised that their concerted efforts over these recent weeks and months have been worth it.  It will be even more special to celebrate with them all on results day this time next week.  

As world leaders and veterans have gathered together to commemorate D Day this past week, we have been reminded of the incredible sacrifice made by others 75 years ago. We are extremely grateful that through their courage and service, we are now able to live in freedom today.  It has been particularly poignant to hear from those who served during this time, with their accounts of friendship and support in the midst of the horrors of the Normandy landings, and it is essential that within schools we do not forget such significant events in World History as we seek to equip our children for a better future. May I encourage you to read the article on our website about the Lambrook Ship, which carried supplies across the Channel for the troops who landed in France in 1944, in fact the bell hanging outside Chapel was on that very ship and a helpful reminder to the pupils of its place in history.

Looking to the weekend ahead, Saturday morning school will be awash with creativity and teamwork, as the Houses prepare for the Poetry workshop competition. Year on year the final performances are always so brilliantly brought together, drawing on every member of each House to play their part in bringing poetry to life in a more accessible way. You would be amazed, or possibly not – such is the talent here, in what they manage to achieve in a relatively brief period of time. We are hoping that the weather will improve over the next 24 hours as Cricket will follow for those playing in matches and, of course, parents tea after. On that point, you will be delighted but not surprised, that Lambrook’s Parents’ Teas were voted the best in the country by an Independent School Magazine.  

I hope that you have a lovely weekend.

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