Throughout the independent school sector, boarding has developed significantly over recent decades and the provision offered at Lambrook, is often described as a home from home.

Children thrive in a warm, welcoming and caring environment, supported by an enthusiastic and dedicated boarding team. Many families are keen to embrace everything that the School has to offer; an extended day can provide individuals with more opportunities to make the most of the fantastic on site facilities. At Lambrook, in the summer months, swimming, cricket, golf and other outdoor games are played by all our boarders well into the evening. In the winter, indoor ball games, cooking, movie nights, bonfire evenings and other such activities ensure that there is never a dull moment!

Normally, Shrove Tuesday is a highlight of the boarding calendar, in which pupils are able to eat pancakes for every meal of the day! The Bowden girls are certainly disappointed not to be be making and eating pancakes with the boarders this year, but instead the boarding staff team has tasked Lambrook’s regular boarders with making pancakes at home, along with the challenge of making their own Lent promises.

Cooking and baking is very much a part of boarding life, and this has continued throughout lockdown and now into the homes of our Lambrook families. The girls have been sharing photos of their yummy treats with each other, with a few pupils experimenting with cooking the family supper. The boys have been challenged to expand their repertoire of nutritional learning lunches whilst they work from home. Mr Bowden was filmed trying to produce his best omelette yet, whilst Mr Graham whipped up his speciality of bacon and veggie pasta. Mrs Shuttleworth baked delicious cheese scones, but her son managed to demolish these before she was even able to take a photograph!

Mr and Mrs Bowden, and Mrs Shuttleworth have been able to look into some upgrades to the boarding houses while the buildings have been a little quieter than usual! The boys’ boarding house is sporting a new indoor table tennis table, and Mr Bowden and Mr McKegney have been getting some practice in at the weekends, in advance of the children returning to school!

Alongside a weekly Sports Quiz, the boarders can look forward to staying connected with each other; movie nights, boarders’ bingo and a scrambled egg challenge are among the things to look forward to after half term.

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