Our Year 8 pupils have had another exciting week of talks and sessions as part of their Remote Leavers’ programme. Highlights this week have included a quiz with Mr Hogg, Team building and leadership skills development with Oppidan Education, a question and answer session with John Dobson, Head Coach of South African Rugby Team, Stormers and a talk by City Banker and cancer survivor, Jeremy Marshall.

On Monday, we had the enormous privilege of virtually welcoming four Old Lambrookians, Elijah, Elodie, Katie and Billy, back to a ‘virtual Lambrook’ to speak to our Leavers. With two of our Old Lambrookian guests currently at Senior Schools, Eton and Wellington, one at the Royal College of Music and one working in London as a partner manager for a technology firm, our pupils certainly had a spread and wealth of knowledge across different ages and stages of life. All of the Alumni spoke about the happy times they had at Lambrook and the fond memories they had for their peers, their teachers, their subjects and the fantastic Lambrook grounds.

Each one shared how Lambrook had ignited a passion for something – whether that was in music, drama, football, swimming, golf or academia, or in some cases, all of the above! Elijah now sings in a Chapel Choir at Eton, Elodie has swum the Channel and has excelled in Russian and many other academic subjects, Katie is currently studying music in London and Billy is still playing golf and football competitively.

Our Year 8 leavers were most interested to find out what the transition from Prep School to Senior School was like, and were keen to hear our visitors talk about their experiences and top tips, which included, making friends with as many people as possible, using any free time to try new activities and being involved in helping others, through charity work and initiatives.

We are extremely grateful to our Old Lambrookian and wider Alumni community for their service to others, including their service to fellow Lambrookians. We look forward to keeping in touch with our Lambrookians as they move onto the next stage of their educational journey.

Mimi in Year 8 writes about her week:

When I was informed about the online Leavers’ programme, I did not know what to expect, but as soon as I was shown the options, I was thrilled about what was to come. This week we have had the chance to go to a talk with John Dobson, Stormers Rugby Head Coach, to an Alumni talk with former Lambrook pupils and towards the end of the week, Oppidan have come in to give us intriguing talks on topics such as the brain and sports psychology.

One of my favourite talks this week was presented by Jeremy Marshall who is a cancer survivor and city banker. He is also brother to Mrs Williams and Mrs Sayer. It was fascinating to learn facts such as stress is a major cause of cancer. We always have the chance to start of the week with Mr Hogg and Mr McKegney Monday morning quizzes. Throughout all these talks I and all of year eight have come out with a wider range of knowledge on each topic that we had before.

Those in the year 8 play, Around the World in 80 Days, have also been having rehearsals every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Mrs McGoldrick and Miss Burks have been amazing at organising these, and are making them fun and engaging.

I am very excited for the talk with Eva Rice next week. This Leavers’ programme has been amazing, and I am sure will carry on getting even better as the term and year draws to a close.

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