As our nation found comfort from baking and carrying on throughout COVID-19 our pupils have also embraced all things baking.

Whether confidently creating beautiful cakes and bakes as entries in our very own Lambrook Bake Off, as part of their Healthy baking Activity, in Year 5 for their Come Dine with Me Challenge or baking to show their thanks for the NHS and essential workers or to simply make their families and neighbours smile, our pupils have shown their caring and creative natures through their baking.

Our Healthy Baking afternoon Activity was a popular choice with student learning about portions and sugar content as well as baking some amazing healthy bakes themselves and looking at the healthy treats Olympic athletes recommend.

We were surprised to see that one of the most popular weeks on Lambrook’s Bake Off was ‘Bread Week’ with pupils patiently kneading and waiting for dough to rise making some impressive tear and share and different flavoured loaves. Our celebratory 160th Anniversary bakes was another highlight with stencilled shortbread, Lambrook uniformed gingerbread people and even Lambrook churros! This week’s realistic ‘Unbelievable Cakes’ have wowed us once again, the results can be seen below, truly fun and fabulous.

We’ve been so impressed with the quality and effort that has gone into each week’s competition which our slideshow below demonstrates. Our Bake off weekly competition has always impressed and made us smile each week. Thank you to each amazing baker for your hard work and creativity. Miss Maidment, who has organised and run the Bake Off competition each week said,

“The Bake Off has been the most incredible opportunity for students from across the whole school to share in their love of all things baking. Students have engaged in challenges from cookies to unbelievable cakes. Each week a star baker is chosen and a Lambrook engraved star baker spatula is sent out. There are also house points for every entry! What has been so encouraging is hearing from parents how their children have really enjoyed the challenges. One highlight was hearing a Year 6 student engaging with a Year 2 pupil and encouraging her with her bakes! Mrs Spender and I have loved judging the bakes every week and setting new and exciting challenges. Enjoy the last week of fun! ” Miss Maidment

We were also delighted that all of our bakers’ hard work was recognised by Junior Bake Off judge and Bake Off contestant, Liam Charles who sent a lovely congratulatory video message to our pupils. Click on the photo below to see his video.

We are lucky to have such amazing chefs at Lambrook and the fresh cakes that magically appear and quickly disappear for our Match Teas have a great reputation on the match circuit! Our pupils are also able to enjoy a (properly portioned) treat after a balanced meal every now and again and there is a certain spring in both the teachers and pupils step as the word disseminates from the early lunch’ers to the later lunch’ers that gooey Krispie treats, flapjacks or marshmallow clouds of chocolate mousse are on the menu. the standards are high and  the pupils with their lockdown baking have lived up to them.

The children in Pre Prep enjoyed the school chef’s krispie treats and flapjacks so much that a few years ago they invented their own, ‘Crispy Jacks’ recipe.  It was therefore interesting to see that both children and parents seem to have fond memories of these recipes when we found a ‘Cook with Lambrook’ book from circa 1995 in the archives. There’s recipes for Aga Krispies, chocolate cake and banana bread which we’ve included below, the same recipes that our pupils love today but interestingly no bread recipes!

Thank you to all of Lambrook’s bakers and cooks from the Pre Prep through to Year 8; your hard work and enthusiasm has produced something wonderful that will forever be documented in Lambrook’s history of baking.


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