We have had a wonderful day celebrating ‘Christmas around the world’ today. Our inspirational teachers provided pupils with a bespoke day to remember. The experiences on offer combined skills and knowledge from different subjects, and included a historical French escape room and a dramatic geographical performance! Teachers and pupils worked together and stepped out of their comfort zones whilst going on a journey of discovery and delight.

The Art department launched our cross curricular celebration with a wonderful display of pupil’s work in an atmospheric light show accompanied by some festive treats! The Festival of Lights was attended by all of the Prep pupils and was a magical way to end the day.

The children in the Prep School had a jam-packed day of activities – from Christmas themed escape rooms, thankfulness crafts, Christmas quizzes, Christmas Canadian relays, STEM snowball challenges as well as learning about Christmas traditions from around the world.

It is a real privilege to have the opportunity to take time out from our usual timetable and to have a whole day devoted to a particular theme, experiencing subjects in a completely different way to normal. The value of cross curricular learning is immeasurable. A pupil who dislikes ‘history’ may well discover that it was not quite as it seemed during one of these days. Communication, leadership and organisational skills that may not have been displayed before, may come to the fore as pupils work in different groups and settings across the school. A specific English lesson may be forgotten but a pupil will remember what they did during ‘Christmas around the world’ for years to come.

Cross-curricular days are great opportunities for teachers to observe and assess the children, watching to see how engaged they are in the activities (and the learning), whether they are able to problem solve, take risks, ask appropriate questions, persevere at a task, seek help from others, communicate within a team, listen well to others. So many of these are the independent learning skills that we promote in the classroom to ensure that pupils are adaptable and prepared for their next steps.

During the academic year, we will be hosting more cross curricular days to provide our children with additional learning experiences outside of the classroom. It is so important that pupils enjoy learning and are inspired and encouraged to discover their strengths and passions whilst providing pupils with the opportunity to connect their learning with the wider community and to have a greater understanding of their role in this world.

Jo Desforges, Head of Academics 

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